Bush Storage will warranty all product by Bush Storage for the first 1 year that an original retail purchaser owns the product. This warranty terminates when the original retail purchaser sells or otherwise transfers the product to any other person.

If you believe your product has a defect in craftsmanship or you unfortunately had a bad day and require some repair or replacement work,  please fill out the request form. If a warranty is approved, you are responsible for return shipping on the defective item but you will receive free shipping to the original shipping method you selected on your order.


Repair or replacement of a defective product or the issuance of a refund or credit (as determined by Bush Storage) is a purchaser's exclusive remedy under this warranty. Damage to a purchase's vehicle, property and/or to any other person or property is excluded. 

All Bush Storage products being returned for warranty, must include a copy of the invoice for the original sale. Warranty approvals will not be granted if an original invoice or copy of an invoice is not provided.


Subject to the limitations and exclusions described in this warranty, Bush Storage will remedy defects in materials or workmanship by repairing or replacing, at its option, a defective product without charge for parts or labor. In addition, Bush Storage may elect, at its option, not to repair or replace a defective product but rather issue to a purchaser a refund equal to the purchase price paid for the product or a credit to be used toward the purchase of a new Bush Storage product.

This warranty excludes problems caused by normal wear and tear including, but not limited to, scratches, dents, tears, or aesthetic oxidation of surfaces, natural breakdown of colours and materials over extended time and use, commercial use or accidents. Likewise, abuse of product, improper handling or storage and disregard for the product care instructions are not covered.

No warranty is given for defects resulting from conditions beyond Bush Storage’s control including, but not limited to misuse, overloading, or failure to assemble, install or use the product in accordance with Bush Storage’s written instructions or guidelines included with the product or made available to the purchaser originally.

If you feel you have an issue, fill out the below

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